YOU ARE: A passionate politico who knows the issues of the day and the stakes at play. Whatever your party affiliation, you wear your personal politics like a badge of honor. And if expressing your vehement views rubs some people the wrong way or gets you un-friended on social media, so be it.

You have passionate beliefs and a powerful voice—and you're not afraid to use it.

With a Sharpie® permanent marker, that voice can reach further and rise louder than ever. Whether your political fire inspires you to join rallies, march on Washington, or back a candidate for local office, Sharpie markers put your outspoken opinions on full display for the world to see.







SCHOOL: You're never too young to make a difference. Want to see something changed at your school, or just play a leadership role amongst your classmates? Run for a seat on student council. Launch your campaign with boldly colourful, eye-catching posters to elevate your profile, outline your stance on the issues, and carry you to political victory.

COLLEGE: Some of the most impactful grassroots movements start on college campuses at the hands of informed and impassioned students. If there's a policy at your university you believe should be challenged—an unfair rule, how your tuition money is being spent, a speaker you want to invite to or ban from your campus—form a student coalition to spark that change. Large poster board and boldly-coloured Sharpies are sure to grab the attention of the student body at large.

LOCAL/NATIONAL ELECTIONS: Come election time, research all the candidates on your party's ticket at the city, county, state, and national levels. If one candidate's voice and vision speaks to you in particular, throw your support behind their campaign. Volunteer to plan and work events, go door-to-door for donations, and create bold-coloured posters, bumper stickers and handouts to elevate your candidate of choice to the top of the polls.

Once positive political change starts, there's no holding back. So, use a Sharpie marker to put your powers of persuasion to work—and write the way forward to a better world for the greater good.